T. had lost his spark and just wasn’t give his fitness clients an amazing experience anymore and he could feel it. His class numbers were dropping and he couldn’t quite figure out how to reverse the trend.

He was also concerned that he wasn’t booking new private clients, which was bringing him down, affecting his performance and becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy.

His problem was energy and motivation, or rather the lack of both. He had become complacent with his techniques.

I helped him to see that the reason for all this was because he wasn’t being authentic and giving his best performance. We worked on how he was showing up in his classes, around the gym and even outside of work. Together we looked at and tweaked his energy and motivation.

This positively impacted many aspects of his presentation including the way he talked to clients, to the words of encouragement and type of music he used, the way he commanded his presence in the room, and how he interacted with his colleagues.

T. quickly found that showing up in this way authentically, positively affected his business and even impacted his personal life too as he became a more fun-loving and confident family man too.

Coaching time : 10 hours

The result? 

He went from two private clients to eight in the two weeks after our first session. He is now fully booked. His classes are on a waiting list, he has become deputy manager at the gym, and he was named PT of the quarter for his region.

He has also just become a father for the second time and says his partner is extremely happy with the ‘new T’.