Conquer your stage fright using Michelle's unique EGO FEAR concept and perform confidently.

  • Use Michelle’s tried and tested breathing techniques to calm your nerves and slow your racing mind before you hit the stage.

  • Build confidence from the inside out with Michelle’s confidence hacks.

  • Crush imposter syndrome and know that you belong on stage as the leading expert in your field.

  • Uncover limiting beliefs that thwart your progress and eradicate them.

  • Dispel negative thinking with simple, easy-to-follow exercises that will enhance your self-esteem to position you as an authority.


To become a person of influence you need the emotional intelligence skills to influence your team, audience or clients.

  • Get clear on your intentions, objectives and your message in order to easily convey that in your performance.

  • Gain the trust of your audience, learn to convince them of the mission of your presentation.

  • Structure your presentation, workshop or class so that your audience will be inspired to listen, react and engage with you.

  • Create an unstoppable energy for a kickass performance.

  • Deliver your best performance, every time.


Want to know how the keynote speakers do it? Michelle will share with you the secrets to commanding the stage with the presence of a superstar.

  • It’s all about the eyes - Michelle will break down the easiest way to ‘work’ the room whether you are presenting to two or 20,000 people.

  • Learn some key do’s and the don’ts of working with technology whilst presenting.

  • Understand stage positioning for greatest impact and influence.

  • Develop powerful performance techniques such as Vocal Projection & Tonality, Body Language and Power Poses.

  • Understand how to utilise feminine vs masculine energy.

COULD YOU benefit from developing a confident and charasmatic style of presentation?


Leaders & managers

Don't be a boss, be a leader. Earn the respect of your team by learning key techniques to become a confident, empathetic and charismatic motivator in the workplace.


presenters & facilitators

Public speaking, presentations, live interviews or managing a workshop can be a terrifying concept. But it's an art form that can be taught with key performance techniques. 


personal trainers

The presentation of your class, interaction with clients and your energy and vibe is a performance style that can be developed to portray an authentic version of you as a professional and motivational PT.