One on one coaching that supports, nurtures, motivates and inspires you every step of the way


I know that you deserve

To be fulfilled and proud of the career you have chosen

To use your talent and training to accomplish your goals

To bring in a full-time wage without having to work a part-time 'job' 

To believe that all things are possible for you. Dream big and have the mindset to make those dreams happen 


Working together, you will have strategies that can enable you to take over the performing world and shine your light brighter than you can ever imagine possible


You need:

The belief that you can perform at your best at any opportunity

A rock solid mindset of resilience that will stand the test of time

Support and guidance to lean on when you don't know your next step

An unshakeable confidence that will see you through the most difficult of auditions



The truth is it can be difficult being a performer. Especially when you don't know your next step and your career (it seems) lies in the hands of other people. How are you supposed to keep going? Well, make room up front in your car for me. I'm along for the ride (don't worry I won't change the music). 


Working together, I can point out your blind spots and fear blocks that have gotten you stuck along the way and stop the 'ego' voice (I'm not good enough, I don't have the qualifications, I don't have an agent, so I can't get work....)  from taking the wheel.  


And when it seems like everyone you know is moving to Hollywood to shoot a movie and you're at home, binge-watching House Of Cards? Well, I'll give you the inspiration and motivation you need to keep going and get you off your sofa and back on the casting couch. 


We will work together to build your career from the ground up. From mindset mastery and breaking through the fear, to setting your career path in motion and sorting through all the business of show business - without the headaches. The red carpet treatment will not only make you feel like a star, you'll be on your way to being one too! 


All I ask is that you are ready... 

Ready to do the work.

Ready to take your career to the next level.

Ready to take the steps forward in achieve your dream

Ready to, once and for all, fully commit to your craft and make this happen



Mayber's (I think, I've invented a word, ha!) may not apply, this isn't for you. You are not ready. That's right, nothing to see here, I suggest you keep drinking that glass of red with your cheeseboard and talking about how fabulous Meryl was in The Iron Lady. This one on one coaching package is for the 'fully committed, let's do this, I didn't pay £20,000 at Performing Arts School to go to waste. I need to make this happen now' performer. A talented performer, who is sick and tired of seeing less talented people go further, and wondering why?  

I will coach you on all aspects of being a performer. From the page to the stage, trust that nothing is more important to me than your success. Are you ready to be the person who will stop at nothing to make your dream a reality?

When would 'now' be a good time to make this happen?


What do Metallica, Usher, Donna Karan, Hugh Jackman and Aerosmith have in common?

A: They've all had coaching and cite it as the key to their achievements. They have used coaching to elevate their careers and to create a mindset of success, limitless creativity and potential. 


Now it's your turn

The stage awaits...

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