Hi, I'm Michelle,

An inspirational powerhouse, writer, melody-maker & crusader of courage dedicated to helping you achieve your dreams & putting a smile on your face.

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A born-and-raised Cardiff girl with nothing more than determination, a unique voice and a dream to inspire the world. I’m proud to have created a home for all you courage crusaders to find your voice and start living an authentic life right now.

I often get asked “ How did all this come about?”
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Well to tell you the truth, it was my insatiable curiosity. I have always been fascinated with the word WHY....

  • Why do we behave the way we do?
  • Why do we stay in the same soul destroying, crappy job rather than leave?
  • Why do we tell little white lies vs telling the truth?
  • Why do we struggle to make ends meet, whilst others step up, make a change and live a thriving life? 



"Start where you are, use what you know, and the tools that are available, then take the next step. That's all you have to do is take the next step"                

-Michelle Thole-


This insatiable curiosity for human connectivity and development is also mixed with a concoction of seemingly unrelated passions that includes meditation, yoga, singing, teaching, song-writing, acting, running, green smoothies & alkaline living, a love for animals & nature. Oh and not forgetting my Saturday philosophy class.  

Spark a change


After failing miserably at finding my happiness working 9-5, I realised that a portfolio-based work/life balance was what I was yearning for. So I gave it all up, began working in a supermarket and waiting on tables to keep a roof over my head, whilst slowly building my coaching business from the ground up. That was it. No going back. The spark was lit and I was ready to make the change.


My life didn’t fit into the cookie cutter mold of conventional living and so i created my own.

My passions became my lifestyle and i started to live and breathe my new ethos of living authentically.

I started to make my seemingly ordinary life a lot more, well, extraordinary. From gleefully raising money running for numerous charities, finding my joy whilst volunteering at London Zoo, to following my creativity in the studio - recording my album.  I added a deeper sense of purpose to my waitress job by starting the ‘Kindness Matters' charity events and 'Shell's Smile Challenge', also working with Inspire Me - engaging the workforce by using the power of singing and of course, unleashing my passion for inspiring others with my coaching business. You can read all about my crusades of courage here.

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You can create the life you truly deserve by living authentically with the values you hold true.

I believe if you allow your fullest potential to blossom you can achieve anything, no matter what the dream or challenge. You have the power to change and with that power, your light will shine and change the world.
— Michelle Thole

I can show you how you can be happier, content and motivated right now, in this very moment

Coach - Michelle Thole


I am devoted to your success and well-being. I’m on hand to walk you through the steps you need to turn your dreams into reality, all whilst finding peace and joy in the present moment.

I really appreciate your time and thank you so much for visiting. It’s an absolute pleasure that we’re connected and I'm thrilled for the journey ahead.

With all my love,