Welcome to the Standing Ovation Strategy Session


Being a creative and following a creative career path can be frustrating to say the least. From the uncertainty of your next pay check to working odd jobs to get by. You constantly look at every casting job website as soon as it's updated. Not to mention constantly making connections in the business, although none have brought you closer to your goals. How about those open mics/showcases that leave you feeling soul less and hitting a brick wall? You know you are working really hard to make this work. And whilst you've tried all the same avenues, your peers seem to be progressing miles ahead of you. It is disheartening and exhausting. I get it and what's more, I have the answer. 

Here is where I come in 

Does this ring any bells?

* You are paying your rent with a part-time job that isn't performing and it's making you feel worthless

* You are trapped in a never ending circle of applying for ANY audition you can get your hands on

* You know you have the talent, if only someone could give you the break you so desperate need

* You are training with the best, however lack faith in your ability to perform on a grand stage

* You have an agent that doesn't see you as a varied performer and typecast your abilities


This can all change within sixty minutes 


So, how about this instead?

* Expert coaching that will uncover what's you want and what's holding you back and works with you to get it

* A step by step plan that will excite you and make you feel inspired to start straight away

*An unstoppable mindset that will have you saying, "I'll do it!" Rather than, "Should I..?"

* More auditions, leading to more jobs, leading to a full-time career as a performer

* Complete control over your career and what is best for you

You have completed all your training, even attended masterclasses and add-on workshops to hone your craft. Now it's time to complete the missing piece of your puzzle - mindset coaching for performers.  

A fun, personalised strategy session that will give you a step by step guide to achieving your career goals.

No red tape. No hoops to jump through. Just powerful, honest coaching that will allow you to gain clarity and the guts to take your next actionable step

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So, How does it work?

* You will complete a powerful pre-session questionnaire, so I can understand where you are at, and how best I can help you.

* We will have a Skype session that will last 60 minutes. It will be in-depth, thorough and leave you with an inspired action plan to get more auditions, paid jobs and fulfilment in your creative career. 

* You will receive a mp3 recording of our session to listen back to at your hearts content. We will cover a lot of ground in one session, so, this recording will be vital to keep you inspired, clear on your plan of action and to remember the detail as much as possible. 

* Also, 7 days of vital email support from me. You can use this to gain feedback, ask any questions that may arise and receive additional support along the way. We will work together to make your career prosperous, enjoyable and worth getting up in the mornings.


Are you ready to invest in your future?

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