Michelle Thole | Performance Coach 


You want to become a star, get exposure, make a living doing what you love

I'm here to help you do just that!

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Hey, I'm Michelle and I'm passionate about helping performers and creative entrepreneurs to slay the 'fear dragon', crush stage fright, get bulletproof confidence and make a creative career profitable and fun.

I've spent the last sixteen years honing my craft in personal development and am an accredited coach with the International Institute for Coaching and Mentoring. 

I've worked alongside talented actors, singers and dancers, cutting my teeth in workshops, recording studios and, most importantly, on stage, so I completely understand the ups and downs of a performers life and know how I can help you best.


Core Beliefs

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I believe that it's your right as a human being on this planet, to express yourself, enjoy your life, thrive, have an abundance of creativity, health, love and wealth. That's right, get paid handsomely for your work - without the struggle! I'm determined to give you the tools to make this happen, I'll show you how to do that. 
I believe that this is the very best time (yes, I mean in the whole of human history) to be a performer. There are boundless possibilities in making your dreams come true. I have specific 21st Century strategies (not from a dusty textbook) that will get you noticed and leaping with inspiration. It's your time, so take it! 
I believe that there is space for everyone (yes, that includes you!) to get your turn, make your mark, and step into the spotlight. Black, white, blue, red, male, female, other. I will give you the techniques that allow you to embrace your authenticity, embody your worth, and honour that little voice inside. You know, the one that has steered your dreams thus far. I won't let you down.  

Let's Work Together

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