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You've finished college, Now what?

If you want the agent, the auditions, the step on the ladder, the fantastic jobs, the great reviews and the accolades then I've got the strategies and techniques for you...

Here's how working with me Will help you get there....

...The Insider Stuff


  • Create a step by step action plan from day 1 to rising star that will have you jumping out of bed to get started each morning. 
  • How to run a profitable creative performing career to be proud of
  • How to get an agent - a good one and live to tell the tale
  • How to 'PR yourself' without feeling like a sleazy ego driven - " What have you been in?" (yeah, ugh, one of them!) performers. 
  • How to use social media to get positive exposure and get noticed by the right people
  • THE productivity apps that will save you time and money - oh, the joy!
  • A complete feedback review of headshots | showreels | website | voice-reel to make those bad boys work for you and actually make you money. 
  • Create your unique 'brand' and learn how to 'sell yourself' without vomiting on your Jimmy Choo's (or Topshops's finest - no judgement here). 

Since working with Michelle, I’ve taken action!! She triggered something in me that I felt I had lost. I went out and got a new agent, created my blogs ready to launch, as I’m also an aspiring blogger, and also decided to not be so hard on myself! Which as a result made me a lot happier. I booked two acting jobs since working with Michelle also!

- Natalie Rose - 


You'll Get

....The Confidence and Resilience Stuff 

  • How to audition well, leave the room with a mic drop sorta attitude, get booked and still be a lovely human being! 
  • How to use your mindset, energy and talents just like peak-performance athletes. So, you can give a career-defining performance whenever, wherever (..'we're meant to be together', why am I singing that song in my head?...) 
  • How to use your emotions (good and bad) as leverage when you're shining your light, working it, being 'in the moment' on stage, enabling you to be in control at all times and to give a reality check to the 'fear monster' who thinks it's running the show - not on my watch! 
  • How to build the resilience to keep going through times of failure. You know the days when you want to curl into a ball and watch Netflix all day? Well them! Say goodbye to 'Sofa Funk' and hello to "Audition Adventurer'. 
  • How to steal the show, even in the smallest of roles. 
  • How to continually step out of your comfort zone and be fearless. Even when your fear is poking its tongue out and screaming, 'You're not good enough' and declaring, 'You're shit', 24/7.  Oh yeah, and your sweaty palms are kinda giving the game away. 
  • How about having the confidence to be seen, put yourself out there AND shine your fucking light -  BRIGHT! Sounds great, huh? It's easier than you think and I'd love to show you how. 
Not only will you get the positive mindset, confidence and resilience you’ll need to withstand anything the industry will throw at you. You’ll get all the crucial insider knowledge to become an in-demand working performer. The type of performer who is first on your agent’s list to call for an audition, to landing the job, rocking the part and absolutely loving life. I’ve worked with hundreds of people, sharing these tools and strategies that you’ll be able to implement from our very first session.
— Michelle Thole
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and...The Intuition And personal development Stuff

  • How to decide whether the director/agency/casting that you really wanted, and now you've met him/her/got the part, hasn't really turned out how you expected. You don't feel the same way and it feels kinda 'funky'.  You know that niggly stomach feeling that you can't seem to ignore - yes that. But it's such a great opportunity, right? Well, we will work on what that means and why it's there AND what the heck to do about it! 
  • How to develop your EQ (emotional intelligence - FYI) so you can make better decisions regarding your career. Giving you the cahunas/balls - ok, 'the courage', to speak your mind (whether that's regarding rates of pay/getting late invoices paid/class, gender, race inequality in the arts etc) and not settle for less than you deserve. 
  • How listening to your calling/dream/heart/universe (insert another word that works for you) is invaluable when making your career long-lasting.
  • How by using your desires and destiny we can create an unstoppable motivation to keep you heart-centred and focussed on your dream.
  • Understanding what is really holding you back from going for that big audition and what to do about it. 
  • How 'Being In The Moment' is the magic sauce in the success cooking pot and how you can use it to leverage your competitive edge, making you stand out, be authentic and give the performance of your life. 
  • How 'The Secret' (yes, that book!) will only get you so far, and how to complete the most important part of the process - the fucking action part! 
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Are You Ready?

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Frequently Asked Questions

+ How can coaching help my performing career?

A: In endless ways. From creating a step by step success plan, keeping you accountable to take action, crushing fear, erradicating your bullshit once and for all... And that's just to name a few!

+ What happens during a coaching session?

A: We have a deep meaningful, life-changing conversation about your life and career. Sessions happen via Skype or telephone, lasting from 30, 50 or 75 minute per session.

+ How Much Is It To Work With You?

A: I have a sliding scale of packages that will fit various types of finance budgets. Coaching is an investment. After all, you are a service-based business and not a charity case. Therefore, I will not treat you as one. Before getting in touch you should be ready to invest in your career and your personal development. You will only need one good paying performing job to make your investment back. I already know that if you're ready, this coaching work will take your career to the next level.

+ Who Shouldn't do This?

A: I only work with heart-centred, passion driven creatives that want to live their dream/purpose and use their work for good - you know who you are, my love. My coaching defintely isn't for the - "What have you been in, then?" judgy, ego-driven, comparison, all about me, type of performer. This isn't therapy, it's a focussed deep conversation centred around goal-setting, awareness, confidence, resilience and accountability. You have to be able to own your shit and be ready to take full responsibility for your life. All that aside, did I mention, that coaching is super fun, exciting and life-changing too?! (N.B If I believe you would benefit more from therapy than coaching, I'll let you know).

+ Are You qualified?

Abso-friggin-lutely! I'm an internationally accredited coach with the International Institute of Coaching and Mentoring (IIC&M). As well as a professional singer and actress, trained vocal-coach, corporate facillator and workshop leader, blogger, published writer and theme park enthuisiast......

+ What Will I Have To Do?

A: Show up on time with a well-rested mind, body and soul, maybe a pen and paper (if you like to take notes) and be prepared to have a conversation. You will have homework to complete (no exams, I promise!) and email check-in sessions to keep you on the straight and narrow. Coaching only works when you're prepared to take the steps out of your comfort zone and into the amazing future that's awaiting for you. Ongoing support is vital for this transition to happen and I'll be with you every step of the way.