From star to Supernova

make life feel as good as it looks

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You're doing what you love - congrats! 

It's way lonelier at the top than you thought, and then there's the fear of keeping up the star quality performances, and doubts about replicating your success are starting to take over.  

It's all good, I'm here to support you in making sense of your emotions, whilst crushing those fears and doubts too. You can take to the stage feeling 100% fulfilled, happy and passionate about what you do. 

 We will add the showbiz glitz and glamour to ALL areas of your life - I can assure you of that! 

Working with me, you'll get...


....The Confidence and Resilience Stuff


  • How to have the confidence and belief in yourself to maintain your success rather than worrying whether your next job will ever be this good. 
  • How to own the stage without feeling like a fraud. Yes, that's right, even when you're at the top, you can feel it too. Have all the tools and strategies you'll ever need to rid yourself of self-doubt and criticism - once and for all. 
  • How to make friends with fear, or at the very least, tell it to do one! Let's face it, you wouldn't put up with that kinda smack talk from anyone, so it's time to take back the reigns and show it who's boss.
  • How to cope with debilitating stage fright, so you can actually enjoy the lead up to the performance and deliver an outstanding show, without feeling like you're letting anyone down...And all without throwing up in your top hat in the process! ( I'm guessing you own a top hat - don't all superstars?) 
  • How to stand tall and build the resilience to withstand the external criticism that comes with being numero uno. All whilst, graciously keeping your dignity and sanity in tact.
  • How to continually step out of your comfort zone and be fearless. Even when your your peers are telling you that you're at the pinnacle. If you know there's another level AND you want to get there, we can do it together! 
  • How to deal with peoples' emotions, expectations and demands of you. From family, friends, acquaintances, new found admirers or fans. Find out the strategies to cope with the developing emotions of those around you and how you can stay true to yourself, without moulding to other peoples' wants and desires. 
  • How to be the best on stage, live your dream and still be a lovely human being! I know, you can feel alone at the top, and now everyone wants to know you, you're afraid that it will fundamentally change who you are. Worry no more, we will uncover the 'real you', all whilst keeping you grounded to enable you to receive more of the success you deserve. 
  • How to use your mindset, energy and talent just like peak performance athletes do. Be at your best for every performance, every time. 
  • How about having the unshakeable confidence to be seen, put yourself out there AND shine your fucking light -  BRIGHT!

Bring it on.

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Michelle’s skills as a coach have strengthened, enhanced, stretched and challenged the way I live my life.

She has an innate sense of getting to the crux of an issue or thought pattern and, more importantly, asks the right questions and gives the right provocations to help me find those answers for myself.

Michelle has boundless energy, compassion, belief and practical advice that I am harnessing and implementing to not just chase my dreams, but live them. 

- Simone Walker - 

...The Business Stuff


  • Create a strategic step-by-step plan to take you to from Star to Supernova and achieving the next dizzying height of success. 
  • How to know when it's the best time to scale your business and your systems, what that looks like for you and what you can do about it.
  • How you can future-proof your business and shut that nagging voice up in the back of your head that says, 'This business won't last forever - blah blah blah' 
  • How to know who to trust and why it's so important to your business. And, why emotional intelligence is King when it comes to succeeding. 
  • How to unblock your money mindset and allow more abundance to flow into you life 
  • Mo' money, mo' problems? Not on my watch. Understand your relationship with money and how it can make you feel fabulous all of the time!! 
  • How to choose the right professional for the job and why it's so important for the health of your business. 
Your life looks the epitome of success, however, I know that you need support just like everybody else. Being a star hasn’t stopped your human emotions, after all. It’s my honour to work with you to tackle all the baggage that comes with having your name up in lights. From the self-doubt and criticism to the anxiety that you’re maybe losing your friends and family to ‘stardom’. Nothing is more important than being who you were meant to be, to be loved and to love someone in return. Together, we can make your life shine brighter than the sun. That’s why we have been created after all, to blossom and grow into the very best versions of ourselves.
— Michelle Thole
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and...The Intuition And personal development Stuff


  • How to make your other goals and dreams live alongside your dream career. You'll feel like you're finally winning at LIFE, and not just your career. 
  • How to do self-care like a champion! Seamlessly blend your demanding career with rest, recuperation and knowing when to put yourself first. 
  • How to achieve an intimate relationship, so full of love, acceptance and happiness, you'll both deserve a standing ovation. 
  • How to take your career to the 'supernova' level and comfortably bask in your greatness and glory.  And reach a level of magnificence that you never knew possible - your rocket ship awaits. 
  • How to listen to the voice inside/your gut instinct/ your soul and get to the bottom of what you want, why you want it and how to achieve it in lightning speed. 
  • How to find the joy in your every day. Unless you've been there nobody really understands the pressure you're under. Wouldn't it be great to start enjoying the journey instead of thinking ahead to the next job all the time? Simple techniques that will allow you to do just that. 
  • How to manage your time, instead of time managing you. From flitting from rehearsals to signings, premieres and opening nights, you can feel like your life isn't your own. Gain control and take back your life with easy to implement steps. 
  • How by using your desires and destiny we can create an unstoppable motivation to keep you going.
  • How to develop your EQ (emotional intelligence - FYI) so you can make better decisions with your career. From who to hire and fire, to whether flying to a certain country will be too exhausting for your schedule. You'll have the cahunas/balls/ courage to speak your mind and settle for nothing less than you deserve.
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Are You Ready?


Frequently Asked Questions

+ How can coaching help my performing career?

A: In endless ways. From creating a step by step success plan, keeping you accountable to take action, crushing fear, erradicating your bullshit once and for all... And that's just to name a few!

+ What happens during a coaching session?

A: We have a deep meaningful, life-changing conversation about your life and career. Sessions happen via Skype or telephone, lasting from 30, 50 or 75 minute per session.

+ How Much Is It To Work With You?

A: I have a sliding scale of packages that will fit various types of finance budgets. Coaching is an investment. After all, you are a service-based business and not a charity case. Therefore, I will not treat you as one. Before getting in touch you should be ready to invest in your business and your personal development. You will only need one good paying performing job to make your investment back. I already know that if you're ready, this coaching work will take your career to the next level.

+ Who Shouldn't do This?

A: I only work with heart-centred, passion driven creatives that want to live their dream/purpose and use their work for good - you know who you are, my love. My coaching defintely isn't for the - "What have you been in, then?" judgy, ego-driven, comparison, all about me, type of performer. This isn't therapy, it's a focussed deep conversation centred around goal-setting, awareness, confidence, resilience and accountability. You have to be able to own your shit and be ready to take full responsibility for your life. All that aside, did I mention, that coaching is super fun, exciting and life-changing too?! (N.B If I believe you would benefit more from therapy than coaching, I'll let you know).

+ Are You qualified?

Abso-friggin-lutely! I'm an internationally accredited coach with the International Institute of Coaching and Mentoring (IIC&M). As well as a professional singer and actress, trained vocal-coach, corporate facillator and workshop leader, blogger, published writer and theme park enthuisiast......

+ What Will I Have To Do?

A: Show up on time with a well-rested mind, body and soul, maybe a pen and paper (if you like to take notes) and be prepared to have a conversation. You will have homework to complete (no exams, I promise!) and email check-in sessions to keep you on the straight and narrow. Coaching only works when you're prepared to take the steps out of your comfort zone and into the amazing future that's awaiting for you. Ongoing support is vital for this transition to happen and I'll be with you every step of the way.