Your Time is Now

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You're in The Right Place

Whether you're looking for paid acting work (and sticking it to your nagging parents who think you should 'get a real job' - thank you very much), or you want to get a better agent as you've only had one audition this month : (

How about - just for once - showing up to an audition, on set or at the studio, without the sweaty palms and nagging voice in your head that's telling you, 'you're not good enough'? 

Or even, you have a career that you're proud of but it's time to focus on meeting Mr. Right and juggle life and career together, I've got you covered. 

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Take Your Performance Career

To The Next Level 

Everything you've achieved so far has gotten you to this point. But, for you that's not far enough. You're ambitious, creative and have a dream to make into reality.

You don't have to do it alone. I'd love to show you how to do this - without having to sell your soul or take up 'tai chi' in the process - that's way too slow for my vibe! 

If you want the feeling -at the end of a busy day on set - that all is right with the world, you love your career and have the best of everything in life because of it - stick around.


Where Are You Now?


I've graduated and need to get my first paid job. Tell me everything you know

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I'm acting but now I would love to get lead roles and go full-time with my career

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I'm living the dream, I need help adding the showbiz to all areas of my life