Hi, I'm Michelle

A writer, melody-maker and crusader of courage, dedicated to helping you achieve your dreams and putting a smile on your face.

Michelle is a high performance mindset coach, professional singer, vocal coach, actress and volunteer at London Zoo. Her values of authenticity, kindness, creativity, energy and curiosity weave into her varied lifestyle. She would describe her life as having no two days ever looking the same. Michelle has clients from all over the world wanting her specific blend of tailor made coaching - yes, you guessed it. It is as unique and creative as she is. Think you've tried it all, think again. She uses her inspirational personality, kindness, guidance and motivation to enable her clients to dream big, make a plan and get to work. Keeping her clients accountable, fearless and confident whilst they courageously take the practical steps needed to achieve their dreams. Michelle has helped many of her clients find their purpose and take action. Some of those goals have included being cast in films and T.V, getting voice-over work, getting on the books of big agencies, finding their voice, giving presentations to large crowds, start creative businesses, make films, break down the barriers of fear and live authentically.

This is what she was born to do and her success is dependent on you succeeding too.

Join the tribe who are loving life.


You can find out even more about me by reading my blog - Tales, Antics and Antidotes.

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