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change your life in your lunch break

Life Coaching in Bite-Size Portions



Do you sometimes feel stuck and can’t quite see a way through the fog?

Are you paralysed by fear, anxiety or indecision?

Are you frustrated by lack of progress in your life, career or personal relationships?

Would you like to make a change?

How would it feel if I could help you to find clarity and remove a HUGE roadblock from your life, in your lunch break?

Pretty great, huh?

Well, I can.

So, grab a coffee, find a quiet cafe with wi-fi and lets connect via video or telephone call - your choice. 

 Together, we're going to get your shit sorted!


I’m Michelle Thole and I help people to get unstuck and move forward in their lives. I've spent the last sixteen years honing my craft in personal development and proudly flying the flag of internationally accredited coach with the International Authority for Professional Coaching and Mentoring. 

I’d like to help you to overcome the big obstacles that are currently holding you back in your life, career and relationships, so that you can find the path that leads you to achieving your personal and professional goals.

By working with me in a mini-coaching session via Skype call or video. We will focus in on a single issue and together find a way to help you get unstuck and move forward.

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  • Removing Barriers to Success
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Starting A Business
  • Influencing Others
  • Problem Solving
  • Productivity
  • High Energy Relationships
  • Time Management
  • Get Your Shit Together
  • Stress Management
  • Relaxation Practices
  • Work & Life Balance
  • Assertive Communication
  • Couple/Family Relations
  • Self-acceptance
  • Health and Wellness
  • Body Image
  • Financial goals


Sometimes all you need is a quick “coaching soundbite”– a chance to offload about something that is really bugging you and preventing you from focussing on your work or preventing you from making a decision about something.  I have turned to Michelle a few times for this;  a quick walk around the park sounding off whilst she listened, knowing I had to feel better in just a few minutes.  A few pertinent thought-provoking questions later (and sometimes a mini telling off!) and I felt back on track and ready for the rest of my day.  Decision made, shoulders relaxed.   Try it – you won’t be disappointed!
- Julie G.
I was having trouble communicating with my partner about joint responsibilities, and it was starting to cause a rift in our relationship.
Over one conversation with Michelle on my lunch break, she managed to show me how I was taking on a parental role in our relationship, and how this was causing a lot of our issues. It turns out, the only one who can stop taking on this role is me! I also discovered that the way I was asking my partner for help was coming cross as me complaining, as opposed to what it really was, and she addressed how I could come at this “adult to adult”, as opposed to “parent to child”.
The difference these revelations made was unbelievable. My partner and I had a proper conversation about the problem at hand, and we managed to communicate in a mature way that left me feeling like 50% of a partnership, as opposed to a parent begging their child to clean their room. He became open to taking on tasks that he had previously let fall solely to me, and he agreed to take 50% of the responsibility when it came to managing our finances, a burden which I felt had fallen entirely to me. In reality this outcome is all I ever wanted… I’d just not been asking properly!
- Toni S.


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