Are You ready

to take your career

to the next level? 

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The Graduate  

from Day one to rising star

You've finished college - yeah! Now's it's your turn to step into the real world of performing. But where do you start? I know, it's stomach-churning to make the wrong move and now you're hearing all about what everybody else is doing, and that just isn't helping. You're paralysed by the magnitude of making your dream a reality. 

Well, how about creating a step by step 'dream plan', so you can take consistent action and get seen by the right people instead of waiting for the phone to ring? Let's face it, you've prepared. You know it's going to be hard and you're going to get rejection along the way, that's part and parcel of it - right? Well, how about having the strategies to strengthen your confidence and resilience, so (if you need to - fingers crossed you don't ) you can bounce back quickly from disappointment and head straight to your next audition unfazed?

 I can help you get your career moving in the right direction from day one - and thrive. Whatever the industry throws at you, you'll be ready to give a career-defining performance anytime, anywhere! 


The Semi-Pro 

taking you where you want to go - straight to the top

I know, you're feeling tired and frustrated that it hasn't happened yet. 'Dream fatigue' is setting in and you're wondering whether it's ever going to happen for you. Well, my love,  you don't have to do this alone, I'll support you all the way.

Together, we will create smart, powerful steps that will radically move your career forward. We'll take a look at what you've achieved so far, what we can do to get the auditions flowing, AND (my favourite) living your dream performing career in the fastest time possible. That voice inside hasn't given up on you, and neither will I.

Worried about visibility and not being seen by the right people? Well, I'll take a look at your body of work so far - your showreel/headshots/demo etc, and together we will initiate a business 'brand' blueprint for you. This blueprint will enable you to dramatically increase your confidence when applying for auditions, understanding the type of work you would like to create and why, and, sort out your 'casting type' (yes, I said it!) - once and for all! 

If you want an unshakeable mindset and confidence (one of my specialities) we will be able to work through tools and strategies 'straight out of the box' that you can use from rehearsals to backstage to showtime. Taking away the voice of fear in your head and calming your nerves.

Let's make it your time to shine! You've come too far to let the dream slip away from you now, hold on tight.... Are you ready?

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MINIVIPICON - - Michelle Thole Coaching

The Pro 

Make life feel as good as it looks 

Your dream has come true - go you! Thing is, nobody told you it would feel this lonely at the top. With newbies hot on your heels and waiting to take your place, you can't be complacent. Add into the mix, the wonderings of whether your next job will maintain this level of awesomeness and sprinkle a bit of doubt in for good measure. Geez, who knew it would be this exhausting being fabulous? 

And, whilst you really do love your job (and wouldn't want it any other way - thank you very much), you're longing for Mr Right to share it with. Throw in a bit of 'Can I REALLY do this?' and 'OMG, I'm in a scene with  Meryl Streep' - shit your pants unworthiness. It's a wonder that you haven't book yourself a silent retreat for at least a month.

My techniques will allow you to relax into your success and enjoy your career with ease and patience. We will work together on strategies to maintain your career and keep the offers flooding in without your anxiety levels rising every time you speak to your agent. We will delve into all areas of your life and work to create harmony and excitement for your life and a new level of happiness made for Disney Princesses. Your experience will be life changing and you'll happily feel the weight off your shoulders. Working together, we will make your whole life shine with the star quality that you deserve.