You know, it can be really tough to be a performer these days. It can feel as though your dreams are in the hands of other people. From waiting for your agent to ring, to wondering if you're going to get a call back. Then, once the job is secure, you wait for the director to get the shot and/or your fellow performers to remember their lines. Never mind, whether you can find the emotions to cry on cue, hit the high notes, remember the choreography. Not to mention being brave enough to bare a little skin in the next scene. It can leave you feeling tired, disempowered and frustrated with the industry you love.


Help is on the way and that's where I come in... 

Hi, I'm Michelle,

High-performance mindset and confidence coach for performers. My mission is to get you on stage, your name in lights and most importantly, the recognition you deserve.

I will show you how to build a rock solid resilience mindset to overcome those obstacles. Enabling you to bounce back from a crappy audition (we all have them), so you are fully focussed on the next job in lightning speed. Also, giving you the confidence to step out of your comfort zone and go for the best roles and performances. Maybe even, quit that dreaded part-time job that you can't stand and start working as a full-time performer.

Now, wouldn't that be fantastic?

-absolutely love your life

 -reduce self-doubt, fear and anxiety

-go further and faster than doing it on your own 

-perform with purpose, conviction and confidence

 -be in control of your career and what auditions you go for

-be ready to give a career changing performance at any time

-have a focussed, consistent and resilient mindset for auditions


Come rain or shine, crappy director endlessly long rehearsals , gut-wrenching fear, casting website fatigue, the "Can I do this?" doubts. To pre-show nerves, fear of success or failure...or is it success or both - argh! 

 I will be by your side, making sure you are mentally, emotionally and physically ready for anything the industry can throw at you. 100% ready for any audition or performance that comes your way. Fully focussed, prepared, confident, committed and most importantly, enjoying your creative career.

Wouldn't it be amazing to achieve your dream and stop fear rocking up and stealing the show?

With an ensemble cast of support and motivation you will be safe in the knowledge that your dream will become my mission too.

Together, we can make this happen.

Are you ready to change your life now and want to book your coaching experience?

Are you wondering how life coaching can help you achieve your goals?

Wondering if I'm the right coach for you?

Great news, I love to talk all things coaching, so what are you waiting for?

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So, what's life coaching all about?

Q: What is a life coach?

A: A life coach is someone that looks to empower others by helping them make, meet and exceed goals in both their personal and professional lives.

Q: Isn't it just like therapy/counselling?

A: The similarity between coaching, therapy and counselling starts and ends with a conversation. The fundamental difference is in how that conversation is directed. Therapy/ counselling will use the conversation to explore the root causes of potential mental health problems, whereas life coaching uses the conversation to focus mainly on the future, encouraging personal-development and self- improvement. Life coaches are not (unless specified) qualified to diagnose or treat any health related problems, although if needed may suggest you see a GP.

Q: Who needs life coaching?

A: A quick way of finding out whether you will benefit from life coaching is to ask yourself honestly, "On a scale of one to ten, how happy am I?" (One being the lowest, and ten, the highest) If you scored four or above, life coaching is the ideal way to get your life feeling happier, healthier and full of excitement . If you scored three or below, therapy would be a great place for you to start your healing. When you feel better, life coaching will help you to create a life that you love.

Q: How are coaching sessions conducted?

A: Coaching can be taken via Skype/FaceTime, telephone or face to face. Michelle is based in London for face to face coaching, U.K only for telephone coaching and internationally for coaching via Skype/FaceTime.

Q: How can I book a session?

A: You can email Michelle directly to book a consultation using the contact details at the bottom of the page. Alternatively, Michelle loves social media and can always be found on Facebook - MichelleTholeLifeCoach and Twitter - MichelleThole1.  Your consultation will last around thirty minutes and during that time you can discuss your needs and areas of development. Michelle will decide whether you're a good fit for life coaching and from there your life coaching journey will begin.

Q: How much is it?

A: Michelle has two coaching packages

The Standing Ovation Strategy Session and The Red Carpet Treatment

Bespoke coaching packages are available on request.

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My commitment to you

My coaching is tailor-made specifically for your success. I will do whatever it takes to make your goals into your reality. Using cherry picked laser focused questions, strategies and ongoing support, you will be living a life you love in no time at all.

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Your commitment to me

Coaching uses the present moment to create a future you can look forward to. Therefore, it is vital that you are open, willing and motivated to change your life from our very first session. You should be of sound mental health, be able to leave your ego at the door and give yourself permission to be amazing.

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Don't Just Stand There

Are you wondering how life coaching can help you achieve your goals? Wondering if I'm the right coach for you? Are you ready to change your life now and want to book your coaching experience?

I'm on hand to answer any of your burning questions. So, let's do this.

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 Pure Coaching Academy Graduate

Pure Coaching Academy Graduate

I'm a graduate of the Pure Coaching Academy and an internationally accredited life coach with the IIC&M. The preferred accreditation board for Coaches, Mentors, Training Organisations and Clients, creating excellence in the Coaching and Mentoring profession.

It is also endorsed by the IRCM as a body of excellence.

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