WTF: Social Media - How To Start And Be Good At It

Welcome to Episode 008 of The Performer Podcast 

Join Michelle for this episode of The Performer and get to grips with the pesky subject of social media for performers. 

If you've got your social media game already sorted, then good for you! I applaud your next level fierceness (sorry, been watching way too much ANTM). However, if you're asking yourself, 'what the fcuk is it all about?', then this is especially for you.

If you are asking quesitons such as:

How can I use social media for my performing career?

Isn't social media for trolling?

I haven't got the know-how......

..................Then hold on tight, grab that cuppa and lets get going. 

In today's episode, you will learn:

Why you need social media | How you should use it | What you should do once you get followers

To listen to the podcast press play or keep reading for the abridged version of the podcast in written form. The show notes at at the bottom of this page. Enjoy! 

Why do you need social media to succeed with your performing career?

Social media is a crucial marketing tool to get your name out there, to sell whatever product (even if that is you!) you have and to create a solid community of people who you can collaborate with in the future. 


When a casting agent/booker/potential manager views your social media site they will be looking for the number of followers, the amount of engagement you have with your followers and how you show up as a person/band. This information would not be available if you didn't actively have a social media presence and could cost you in the long run. 

I hear from some clients that it will be detrimental to their success if they open a twitter account (for example) for their acting/dancing/singing career. They say, 

"What's the point of having a social media profile if my agent/manager is getting me work?"

Well, firstly it's great media training for you to get used to P.R'ing yourself and putting yourself out there, but not to have a profile is futile. Your circumstances may change at anytime and social media is a great place to find collaborations. 


Social media shouldn't be used to constantly spam 'listen to my new amazing song' or to 'check out my showreel' to everyone who comes to view your profile. Of course you can put that on there but not ALL the time. It is called SOCIAL media for a reason. You have to have conversations and make contacts. You posts need to be interesting, fun and education, too. I know you love your work but not everyone will feel the same way. 

Building a community starts with contacting those that follow you at first. You can thank them via private messages or using tools, such as Facebook or Instagram stories. 

Building on from that you can use the search bar function in all the social media platforms to find  people who are talking about the topics that you are interested in.

Useful topics/hashtags that performers use on social media platforms include:

#actorslife #singersbelike #comedianlife #dancerslike #standingovation #castingcall #rehearsaltime #giglife #studiotime #backstagepass #lightscameraaction   

You can search for your own or start with the list above to start engaging with other performers. This in turns, brings a kindness, openness and caring attitude to the performing community and also to the person who is receiving your engagement. 

Engagement in social media is shown by leaving a comment, liking a post or share your post/photo to their follows via their page/profile/post. The amount of engagement you have on your site is more important that the amount of followers, so don't be seduced by apps such as crowdfire to boost your follows. The algorithm is clever and will suss out like for like/ follow for follow activity. 

Marketing Yourself 

You are the product, the brand, the celebrity and social media can work for you if you know how. Being of service to others on social media is rewarded more than selling yourself. There is beauty in kindness and authenticity on social media. 

I urge you not to use automatic direct message on your social media settings. Actually, delete yours right now if you have it set up. 

I want you to think of social media just like going to a bar to scout for a new partner. Let's pretend that you're in a bar right now.  You've spotting someone that meets your eye and you tentatively approach them. Would it be ok for you to start the conversation with -  'want to go back to mine for a coffee?'. No, not at all. This would be awkward, lacking socially etiquette, and may just cost you a slap in the face. 

So, when someone likes your page/profile it wouldn't be appropriate to send them a message directly into their inbox shouting to the rooftops about your amazing website, showreel album, new book and or your line up of gigs? You just wouldn't. This is the equivalent of asking the person you like in the bar back to yours without asking their name and how's their day going.


So, there you go, my rant about direct messages are over. 


One thing I will shout from the rooftops and caused a massive surge of engagement on my Facebook page was the Facebook Planner created by Michelle Purse of My Outsourced MarketingTeam. It's a foolproof way of doing social media for everyone. It's a monthly planner to create an engaging, unstoppable feed that will keep your followers interested and wanting more. 

The beauty about social media is that you can get started at anytime. So, I suggest you get going. Choose a platform or two that floats your boat, get started and enjoy the ride. Get it wrong, then learn, learn some more, get it right, then wrong, and right again until you've cracked it and it starts becoming effortless. 

These social media tools are something that we could have only dreamt about fifteen years ago. So, I'm happy to open the doors to platforms that will create more job opportunities, engage with a wider audience and create collaborations with fellow like-minded people. I invite you to do the same,

Lots of love, 


Show Notes 

Podcast timeline

1:01 - Why you need social media

6:08 - How you should use it

16:17 - What you should do once you get followers


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