The Performer Podcast Has Arrived!!!

Welcome to the first episode of 'The Performer', a podcast especially created for you.

You will learn all the valuable lessons that they don't teach in performing arts school. Yes, that's right, from making contacts, networking, breaking fear barriers, building a successful performing business and actually make money doing what you love. 

For the next ten weeks, you'll have first hand accounts from successful performers who are making money in their industry. Learn all the tips, tricks and shortcuts from the people who have been there and got the t-shirt. 

From singers, actors, composers, coaches and teachers, you will be given step by step strategies to move you forward in the right direction and kick that belief of the 'struggling artist' in the butt once and for all. 

Watch the trailer here

I'll be speaking to the wonderful, Kate Davies-Speak in the second episode all about the Twitter movement - #Showreelshareday and how being typecast as a horror scream queen has been the best thing to happen to her career. 

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Lots of love,