The 3 Mindset Hacks That Every Performer Should Know About

Welcome to Episode 010 of The Performer Podcast.

In today's episode, Michelle takes you on a mindset journey of epic proportions (or something along those lines anyways) with three quick and easy mindset hacks. If you want to get your confidence. resilience and motivation sky high and ready for any stage performance, this is the episode for you.

This is a quick, shoot from the hip podcast, so get ready to be swept of your feet (but not in a love kinda way)...

In today's episode you'll learn...



Michelle will delve into the world of confidence. That's right, all things from how to increase it, what it is and what hack will allow you feel more of it - great, huh? 

Then moving onto why resilience is the name of the game, what benefits you'll achieve by having more of it, and the mindset hack that will get you back in the fame game quicker than saying alloharmora (or any other harry potter spell - well, apart from the one that kills people - you're not he who must not be named!).

Finally, finishing with the motivation to keep going, to be inspire and have the devotion to wake up and keep going for your dreams. Regardless of how shitty you feel or how much you feel the 'struggle', this mindset hack will get you back on the straight and narrow - into ease, fun and gain the unstoppable energy to succeed. 

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Show Notes


Podcast Conversation Timeline

00:52 - Mindset No. 1 - Confidence 

01:38 - Mindset Hack for Confidence 

03:54 - Mindset No.2 - Resilience 

05:09 - Mindset Hack for Resilience

08:21 - Mindset No.3 - Motivation 

10:18 - Mindset Hack for Motivation


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