Mastering The Business Of Performing (with John Byrne)

Welcome to Episode 11 of the Performer Podcast 

Michelle was very excited to welcome John Byrne as a guest on the show this week. These two never let a dodgy wifi connection get them down and through the technical difficulties made it through the other end. This episode is locked and loaded with tips, tricks and strategies for you to get on with creating the most amazing creative business. 

Your learning awaits....grab that cuppa, oh and a notepad and pen... hang on, I mean your phone (it isn't the 90's anymore) as you'll be learning all about:

The fundamental business building blocks to a great performing podcast | Why kindness trumps Ego | How Twitter is just like Tinder for performers - oh yes... | And why giving yourself enough time to succeed really does matters


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It’s not easy but it’s also not impossible. That’s the most important thing I would say to a performer.
— John Byrne

About our guest, John Byrne 

John Byrne is the Entertainment Industry Career Advisor to The Stage newspaper and Young Performer magazine and has over 30 years of experience as a writer, broadcaster and performer in his own right.

He regularly compiles ‘How to’ articles on a wide range of career topics, and has a very popular monthly Twitter Q&A session for StageCastings. 

John Byrne Headshot Credit: Kirstin Reddington

John has lectured extensively at institutions ranging from The Guildhall School of Music and Drama, The Brits School, BIMM and Stanmore College as well as at American Colleges in London such as CAPA, ITHACAand Syracuse. His workshops have sold out at major industry events including MOVE IT, PERFORM, SURVIVING ACTORS and ACTORS EXPO. 

Media appearances have included BBC TV and Radio, E4, Nickelodeon TV and Sky News and BBC London Radio where he is a regular guest contributor and commentator. PUBLISHED BOOKS include: A Singer’s Guide to Getting Work (with Julie Payne) A Dancer’s Guide to Getting Work (with Jenny Belingy), Writing Comedy (now in its 4th edition) and The Agent E-book (with Mary Elliott Nelson). John has been a regular contributor to Industry directories such as Contacts, The Writers and Artists Yearbook and a guest contributor for The TV Presenter’s Career Handbook.

For the past 10 years he has also written Just Ask John, an advice and information column aimed at younger readers and Stage School attendees for Young Performer magazine.

Social Media is about sharing and we can sometimes get sucked into believing that it’s about self-promtion or about arguing. It’s about neither of those things. 
— John Byrne

Show Notes 


Podcast Conversation Timeline 

3:34 -  Introduction - Dear John from The Stage newspaper

05:01  -So, what is John’s most asked question whist being a columist for The Satge? 

07:41 - How it can be super lonely being a creative entrepreneur. AND, what you can do about it!

9:58 - Performing is a patience game - or is it?

13:25  - Come on John….how much time should I be dedicating to the social media aspect of my performing career? 

17:40 - Yes, finding new connections is just like Tinder! 

A special bonus for The Performer Listeners …John’s special brew of dating advice….it’s great. 

18:49  - The beauty of Twitter and how to actually do it properly

 21:15 - Michelle’s absolute NO NO when it comes to using Twitter. 

 22:49  - John’s background as a cartoonist and how he made his forray into performing

25:50 - What are the building blocks you need to know to get the best out of your performing career? Find out here.

29:05   - If you want to be the screaming lady, make sure you can scream! 

31:03  - What’s the third building block in our performer career must haves? 

32:26  - How getting your detective hat on is the best way to find a role model that you can emulate. 

34:54 - Giving yourself enough time for success

45:20 - The one piece of advice John want you to know right now….




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Quotes From John Byrne

8:43 - The reality of everybody’s life is different from the headlines that we see, realising that and navigating that can be a really helpful, powerful thing in moving our careers forward. We don’t need to be super, humanely successful to move our careers forward. We actually just need to cope with what is coming at us with the best way that we can and seek help and support whether that’s from an advisor or a coach. 

20:55 - Social Media is about sharing and we can sometimes get sucked into believing that it’s about self-promtion or about arguing. It’s about neither of those things. 

30:02 -  If you want to be the screaming lady in a horror movie, one basic thing is, you’re going to need to be able to scream quite loud ….. 

37:30 - The key to all this is not doing it the cheesy, insincere way, but doing it sincerely. 

43:53 - You never know who’s working on that show that in five years time - because they have goals and dreams - could be doing something in the West End ….and choose you for a role 

44:48 - It’s building relationships…. it’s also sowing seeds and we don’t necessarily know which of those seeds will come to fruition so we should just keep sowing. 

46:31 - It’s not easy but it’s also not impossible. That’s the most important thing that I would say to a performer.


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