How To Use Authenticity To Nail Your Next Audition (with Yvonne Dodoo)

Welcome to Episode 009 of The Performer Podcast.

Today's delightful guest is creative life coach, Yvonne Dodoo. We sat down with cup of coffee in hand (and a gold biscuit bar - cause that's how we roll) to talk all things performer related. Yvonne is a Creative Life Coach. She has a passion to help people live their best life in the here and now, in a creative and life giving way. Coffee is one of her morning rituals and she likes to laugh VERY loudly - me too!!! 

Today you'll find out all about:

How authenticity is your secret weapon to climbing the performing ladder and having audition success | What to do if you're a minority that is under-represented right now | The power of a coach to guide you to be your at your very best as a performer



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Podcast conversation Timeline 


1:56 - Yvonne's morning ritual

2:51 - How to create a morning routine for your career

4:39 - What is a creative life coach and how can it help you?

9:40 - Why taking some time off is the best thing for a performer

11:33 -  The authenticity trap 

12:44 - Why it’s so important to be resilient in the arts

16:44 - Yvonne’s great strategy for overcoming stage fright 

19:25 - Dyslexia and being an actress - How did Yvonne deal with that?

20:53 - What advice would Yvonne give  to help you in two sentences?

22:50 - Why comparison is the thief of joy

25:40 - The do’s and don’t of auditioning

26:50 - Michelle talks about how her driving test taught her about letting it go and giving it all she’s got. 

 28:20 - Withhold nothing in the audition - and the very reason why…..

 31:00 - How minorities can break through and become successful in the arts

36:55 - Tangible steps to achieve your dreams as a successful performer 

38:45 - The power of having a coach as a performer 




Yvonne | 10:35 - We should never put life on hold because what you are saying to yourself is, ‘I don’t want to gain new experiences’, because you won’t be able to bring those to the characters, to the music, to the art that you want to share with the world. 


Michelle | 10:55 - Art is an expression of life and how can you be an artist if you’re not experienced in other aspects of life. 


Yvonne 11:27 - Authenticity doesn’t come unless you’re being vulnerable and sharing ‘the real-self’. But, you can’t do that unless you’re putting yourself out into the world, living a creative life, being who you are, and seeing where that leads you.


Yvonne | 13:10 - As a performer, when we want to start making money from our art form, the initial stages are the hardest. 


Yvonne | 14:30 - You need to be in a place where you’re confident in your ability …and who you are as an individual. Whether you start making money straight away or not, you need to have that confidence and self-belief.  


Michelle | 14:40 - It’s a level of wothiness….a knowing that you’re worthy of the dream that you’re pursuing - 


Yvonne | 15:49 -  I didn’t have someone helping me and that’s what I love about [coaching] because we actually help people. We put them in a position that they take back control…the direction of their career  and we empower them to go back into life and say YES.  


Michelle | 23:04 - The way Adele will sing a song in comparison to the way Sam Smith can sing a song, if they’re singing a cover…they’ll be singing the same song but in a completely different way, but both sound just as beautiful. 


Yvonne | 25:02 - The times when I’ve got the job, is when I’ve been myself. When I’ve gone in there and delivered my truth, my version of the story and I’ve got the job. 


Yvonne | 26:30 - Withhold NOTHING in that audition room …….but also know that you’re going to be ok if you don’t get it. 



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