How To Struggle Less And Succeed More (with Andrea Callanan)

Welcome to Episode 007 (I say, very James Bond) of The Performer Podcast 

This week, Michelle sits down for a kickass chat with Voice Expert, Andrea Callanan. Andrea is a 'rock hard, no stone unturned, get it whilst it's hot', kinda gal. Oh yeah, add to the mix, the kindness of a mother, the heart of a lion and the voice of a songbird and you'll get the amazingness of Andrea. They talk candidly about the performing industry, the quintessential struggling performer and what you really need to do to make your mark, find your voice, show up and be seen - confidently. 

Grab that cup of your fav and prepare to be dazzled with useful, tangible and most possibly, life-changing tips and strategies you'll need to finally step into the spotlight and shine. 

You will learn: 

How to get out of the funk of 'struggle' | How to use your voice to get what you want | Why mindset is so important as a performer| How to build your confidence 



FYI!!! - Michelle has sinced watched the whole of stranger things and absolutely loves it. So much in fact, she has put a stranger things t-shirt on her birthday list! 

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What are you struggling with in your performing career, right now?

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The entertainment industry is probably the most cut-throat industry that I can think of …other than drug dealing or diamond dealing.
— Andrea Callanan

Andrea's Bio 

Michelle is talking to award winning vocal coach, entrepreneur and all-round inspiring human, Andrea Callahan. Listen in whilst Andrea tells all about her in-depth knowledge of the music industry, what every performers needs right now to be happy and how to use your voice to get what you want. 

Andrea Callanan Headshot

Voice expert Andrea Callanan has a passion for people. She’s the founder and owner of inspireMe, the authentic engagement company providing mindful, creative people solutions for top brands. InspireMe, the home of the &inspire activities is best known for the award winning Sing & Inspire, recognised for its motivational ‘Inspire’ workplace choirs and impactful team building workshops.

As a musician-turned-entrepreneur, often quoted in National press, Andrea is a vibrant motivational speaker commenting on business, women in leadership and her music industry experiences that led her to where she is today.

She still sings, releases music and coaches singers, performers and speakers.

The Show Notes 


Podcast Conversation Timeline 

2:47 -  Andrea tells us why the voice so important

3:15  - How to make a great first impression with a confident voice

4:05 What you can do today to will help you hone your skill

6:03  - Dealing with rejection and learning to share

6:33 - Being resilient with rejection 

6:05 - The one thing you need to do to get work  

6:58 - How to reframe your rejection 

8:51 - What you need to do if you are constantly being rejection 

10:00 - Alignment and your performing career

12:25  - What you value you become 

12:34  - Shattering the illusion of the struggling performer

13:12 -  The entrepreneurial mindset of a performer…. 

16:10 -  The negative self-talk trap and how Andrea got herself out of it

20:25 - Getting pearls of wisdom from your idols

21:54- Asking for help when you need it 

22:38 - The real reason you haven’t got what you want yet  

22:43 - Should you work for free?

26:15 - The skill of being an expert 

27:19 - How NOT to be a successful  performer 

29:41 - The importance of feedback 

33:09 - Authenticity in the performing industry

35:05 - What producers are ACTUALLY looking for  

35:57- How the fcuk to get into ‘the flow’ and get the audition

37:33  - Find your voice, find your Confidence - Andrea talks all about the voice  

41:39 - Why Bob Dylan is so famous

43:15 - Andrea’s big fat failure that turned into her best performance   

48:54  - How Andrea deals with performing nerves

50:02 - Imposter Syndrome rearing it’s ugly head. 

51:19 - The pressure to look good and be thin 

56:56  - How the ego shows up and spoils your career

Links/People Mentioned

******11:03 - the actress who plays Jane Hopper/Eleven in Stranger Things is Millie Bobby Brown.

Inspire Me | Soundcloud | Tony Robbins | Patsy Rodenburg - The Three Circles of Energy | Glastonbury Festival | Coldplay | Born Free Foundation | Bryan Adams | Royal Albert Hall  | Adele | Ed Sheeran |Cecilla Bartoli

Quotes - Andrea Callanan

7:14 - Most of what you do is subjective. Most of what you do is against somebody elses opinion


07:19 - You can be the most phenomenal technical singer or actor but have no heart, and not be authentic, and not believe in yourself and not really connect with the character. And if that happens you’re not going to get chosen it’s not going to happen


7:47 - If you are not a very nice person to work with, you will not get work. If you turn up late, then the producer can’t trust you. You turn up with an attitude or, you’re a diva  or you’ve got a chip on your shoulder, you’re not going to get trusted. 


08:26 - Succes comes with diligience…having an amazing attitude …and understand that you’re not everybody’s cup of tea. 


09:36 - Sometimes it’s worth defining (espcially if you’re an actor) are you a character actor , are you really great at timing and comedy? Are you great at Shakesperian stuff, method acting


09:55  - What are your skills and are you smart at using those skils?


10:44 - It’s really important for you   to think and align yourself with what you really really want. And make sure what you want is aligned with who you really are. 


12:10 - The foundation is that they know who they are, that’s like golddust in life let alone as a performer. 


26:51 - In order to get technique, in order to get to a level which takes you from good to great, and from raw talent to a skill, you have to invest in some kind of coach. 


27:20 -  Always start before you’re ready because you will make yourself ready. If you commit to making a monthly payment that you think you can’t afford? By god, you’ll find the money, especiallyy if you think it’s worthy.  


28:36 - I can think of many people who think they are going to get rich by….writing a couple of crap tracks..mignight through 3am,  and thinking that they’re goingt to be the next Axl Rose. It’s just not going to happen. 


29:00  - Your mindset, your behaviour, how you show up,your intergrity, your attitude and then the actions that you take following that is everything 


29:59 - Hang on, I’m a person here. I’m not on a conveyor belt, YOU may think I’m on a converyor belt, but actually, this is my life. 


36:16  - As long as you can absolutely believe in yourself …..regardless of what pain or joy you’ve been through…what matters is that you own it. 


36:31 - what matters is that you know who you are, you know how to connect to yourself, your emotions and your intention…and all that magic stuff - that fire in your belly… which is the stuff that says I’m different, I can do this, I can make my mark, I’m going to do it now, quick, jump, go…that stuff that you’ve connect to it.

As soon as you connect to it, you allow others, you give others permission to connect to you…and when you can do that, that’s when things are in flow 


56:09 - In order for me to have the energetic output that matches what I’m creating, I have to create that within myself 


56:53 - In order for you to be success in the craft that you have chosen, you have to go out and get it because it’s incredibly competitive 


57:05 - The entertainment industry is probably the most cut-throat industry that I can think of …other than drug dealing or diamond dealing. 


58:44 - The industry isn’t free. It cost money to put on productions of films. It cost money to make music. It cost money to put on shows. It cost money, time and energy. So, if you want to be part of that it’s going to cost you money, time and energy too. 


59:04 - So, many people think they can just rock up and be part of it, but you can’t - you’ve got to earn it. 

Thank you so much for listening and see you next week! 

Lot of love,