Coaching: Mariah Carey NYE!

OMG, Did you see Mariah Carey's NYE performance?

Watching Mimi’s New Year Eve performance in New York, welcoming in 2017 was absolutely embarrassing. I was shouting at the T.V- SING!, JUST SING!! I’ve haven’t been that involved in a broadcast since watching the little Iguana running from the snakes in that Planet Earth 2 episode!  I think of all the spectacularly talented people I coach, who are busting their guts to ‘make it’, whilst Mariah was given the opportunity and blew it! 

Jealousy: Your Secret Weapon To Success

Jealousy: Your Secret Weapon To Success

The Fast Lane To Your Success

So today we are going to dive into the Oscar-winning performance that is jealousy. Bleugh!! It's such an unwanted emotion, isn't it? Although have you ever thought it might be a crucial learning tool when figuring out what to do next? You see it's in these moments of jealousy that the real truth of all desires, wants, and dreams are unveiled.