And The Winner Is.....Hang On A Minute

The 89th Academy Awards (the Oscars, for those of you, not in the know. Haha) happened and WOW. What a big hoopla. The wrong film was announced for Best Picture. The La La Land cast and crew thought they had won. With raptures applause and two and a half speeches in, their dream was snatched away. In the time it took Warren Beatty to say sorry and Jimmy Kimmel to apologise (but not really apologise) in comedic pronouns, the Moonlight team hit the stage and La La Land was left licking their wounds off camera.

Now just to be clear, I thought the La La Land team were very gracious in defeat, especially when they were nearly through with acceptances speeches to boot. However, I really want to focus on the Moonlight guys for a moment. The Oscars are the crème de la crème of the movie industry. So, it pains me that (although it was a mistake) the golden moment was taken away from Moonlight. The director, Barry Jenkins, had worked his cotton socks off to have 'his moment' and all it took was seven words from Faye Dunaway, for his moment to be snatched away.

So, what do you do when your glory moment is taken away by a 'mistake'?

From Oscar acceptance speeches to real life, our lives are an intricate web of moments that sometimes land perfectly and other times fall short of perfection. So, what can we do when there is absolutely nothing that can be done to change that moment in time?

How can you bounce back when things don't the way you had planned in your head?

Unfortunately, not a lot. We dust ourselves off and keep going. Although I hate bright side thinking, Barry Jenkins did win the Oscar for Best Picture - the most coveted award of the evening.  He knows deep down in his heart that although he didn't have his 'moment'. The moment he did have was possibly more perfect than he could have imagined. After all, for a split second, he had thought he had lost. Plus, nobody is going to forget his film now after the biggest mistake in the Academy Award history happening.

There is always a silver lining if you're willing to look hard enough.

I hope you're having a fantastic week,