Coaching: Mariah Carey NYE!

OMG, Did you see Mariah Carey's NYE performance?

Watching Mimi’s New Year Eve performance in New York, welcoming in 2017 was absolutely embarrassing. I was shouting at the t.v., SING!, JUST SING!! I’ve haven’t been that involved in a broadcast since watching the little Iguana running from the snakes in that Planet Earth 2 episode!  I think of all the spectacularly talented people I coach, who are busting their guts to ‘make it’, whilst Mariah was given the opportunity and blew it! 

I am the biggest Mariah Carey fan. Ever since I heard the ‘Music Box’ album playing at my friend's sleepover, I was hooked. I even attribute my high note abilities and the award for the highest singable note award at the Vocal-tech, Vocal Olympics from singing Mariah Carey songs. I’ve seen her live and thought she was a fantastic performer. So let’s get that out of the way. I am always rooting for her, however…

Does Mariah need a spiritual enlightenment?

(Without making this blog ten pages long of all the Mariah facts and knowledge I know about her….) She came from humble beginnings. Her hunger for change and success along with an exceptional voice got her noticed and the rest is history. The Mariah of today doesn’t appear hungry. I’m not saying she doesn’t work hard - I’m sure she works to the bone. However, just as a lion in a zoo, being fed meat all day doesn’t need to hunt, Mariah was on stage, waiting to be fed her lip syncing diet of same ole.  Hunger is one of the main components of greatness. Even if you are the best, you are hungry to stay the best. So, Mariah why didn’t you just sing? Why didn’t you show everyone what you are all about? 

*presumptions and predictions here *

In my opinion, a happy singer experiencing technical difficulties during a live performance, who is completely in tune with their own vocal ability and their life choices would have sung along with the track on NYE. Even if they missed a note here or there, they would have been commended for their performance and the guts to keep going. That didn’t happen with Mariah and so I can only presume the following….. If I was coaching Mariah, I’d start by working with her on the reason/s she didn’t sing? Has she lost all believe in her singing ability? Is she keeping up with her vocal work and her hunger to be the best she can be? Is this a career she wants to continue? Is she ultimately happy? In grounding her sense of self with her own beliefs and values, plus using her power of decision (making her life the way she wants to it), she can start to make positive changes. Also find out has she lost her way? Maybe she has given her power away too many times to the wrong people. Is she 'the people pleaser' behind closed doors and 'the diva' when the cameras are rolling? Like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz with her red ruby slippers, she had the power all along! Yes, Mariah, that’s right, you have the red ruby slippers. You just need to use them! Surround yourself with people who will tell you the truth, ground you in the reality of 2017 and challenge you as a person to grow and develop. Believe that you have the power to sing your songs again and ‘make it happen’.  

Mariah’s failure to perform highlights the need for all performers to have a mindset coach. You can have all the singing lessons in the world but if you don’t believe in your ability as a singer, you cannot perform when you need to the most. Especially when a ‘technical difficulty’ happens, oh, let’s say in front of millions of people on live T.V. at one of the biggest shows of the year?

What would you have done? 

Lots of love, 


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