How To Get Ahead Of The Pack....

Today, I want to talk to you about that dreaded feeling of not standing out from the crowd. You know the feeling, its the one you get when you rock up to an audition and you're really excited to do ya thang. Only to find thirty other performers waiting to be seen, who look just like you, with the same credentials and the same attitude. Argh.....

So, how do you stand out when everyone is trying to get your role?

This dilemma needs a little life coaching tool called certainty! Certainty can be used to help you gain equilibrium when the uncertainty of too much competition comes knocking. Certainty will tap into the very reasons (your 'Why') for being a performer. From this foundation your self-worth, confidence and esteem will be restored. To implement this tool as you need to do is ask yourself-

What do I know to be true about my career?

Then silently answer it. It could be something like... I love performing/ I feel whole when I perform/ I have met amazing friends from performing/ I've trained hard for this/ I'm the best person for the role/ I have prepared/ I am ready/ I have twelve years experience .....In this grounding exercise, you bring the focus back to you and your ability rather than playing the comparison game with your fellow members of the hustle. Bringing certainty and the focus back to you will get your head in the game instead of worrying about the competition.

Go forth and be great,


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Want the confidence to give an outstanding performance, even on your worst days? How about build a rock solid resilience for the industry, so you can carry on when you are rejected? Or the mindset to manifest and make your goals into reality? .....oh and sort the love life out too whilst we're at it?  From page to stage, show to show business, I'll be on hand to coach you to be at your best and move faster towards your dream than doing it on your own. I'm interested!

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