Sixteen Years Later.........

Sixteen years later,

Dear Courage Crusader,

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I'm heading back to my hometown of Cardiff this weekend to celebrate my Nephew, Callum's 16th birthday. Of course,  I am going to say that I can't believe how quickly he has grown up and how very proud I am of him. As cliché as that sounds, the truth is, I really do feel that way. So, I thought I'd dedicate this blog to the wonderfully funny, beautiful inside and out, lover of UFC, JD Sports and the culinary protege, Callum!

I was sixteen, the age Callum is today when he was born. I remember feeling like I had my life sorted and I was so sure of the world. Although, in reality, I had only experienced a tiny fraction of it at that point. I was working in a supermarket for £2.53 an hour and had saved up one week's worth of wages to buy him a Tigger bath towel, a sleepsuit and a teddy bear. My family eagerly awaited his arrival. I was quite nervous to meet him as I'm not the best when it comes to newborn babies. However, I had no need to worry. The first time I met Callum, he was sleeping in his Moses basket. He was absolutely perfect, small, smelling of baby powder and wrapped in his baby blue crochet blanket made by my Mum. He opened us all up to a new level of love and gratitude. He wasn't the 'screaming, can't calm him down whatever you try' newborn he was the 'big eyed, stare at you whilst you cradle him' newborn. The perfect kind of baby. And from that day I wasn't so scared. As he grew up he was more of a peace maker than a fire-starter. I remember spending more than a few Saturday mornings watching him play football at Splott Park, seeing him in his first school uniform, hearing about what he learnt at school and watching him open his Christmas presents.  Nowadays, he's still a calm and gentle soul, laced with the ability to hold his own when needed.  Oh, and the one thing you should definitely know about Callum? His sense of humour is on point and his laugh is infectious. It's a kind of inward giggle that continues until he can't catch his breath - I love it! My favourite times I've spent with Callum have been going to see 'Step Up' in the cinema and chair dancing, going on a speed boat with him at Cardiff Bay and seeing his reaction, taking him out for his birthday to Ed's diner, not allowing him to sit in the front seat of my car because 'he wasn't fourteen yet', and going to an all you can eat buffet where he ate so much he was sick, then quickly composed himself and went back for seconds. Happy 16th Cals!

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