The Great Gorilla Wake-Up Call

It was a normal Wednesday morning. I was volunteering at London Zoo, cleaning the Meerkat enclosure when an overwhelmingly loud distress alarm sounded. I looked over at Siobhan, the zoo keeper I was working with that morning, and she looked back at me. For a brief second, we were suspended in disbelief until the enormity of the situation hit us both. "Get inside now!", Siobhan shouted. Her words rattled inside my mind like a child playing street hockey with a tin can. It was at that point, I let go of the rake that I was using to smooth out the substrate and with a thud, it fell to the ground. I ran to the door as fast as my muddy steel capped ankle boots would allow, whilst concentrating on keeping my balance as I negotiated the uneven surface underneath my feet. With my heart pounding, I reached the door. I heard the alarm sound again and a distressed member of staff speaking over the loudspeaker, "This is a Staff announcement. Gorilla, Gorilla Kingdom!" After checking the perimeter for anyone else who may have been stranded, Siobhan locked the door behind us and radioed through our location. This could mean one thing, we were in the middle of London Zoo and a gorilla had escaped....

Muddy boots

I once witnessed a gentleman telling the waitress to put his food on the hot plate for his return, whilst the building was being evacuated due to a fire in the kitchen. It made me wonder, why don't people react more seriously to alarms? Do we need an intellectual reason to act when an alarm sounds? Isn't the sound of the alarm enough for us to take action? For instance, when a fire alarm sounds, we are more likely to look around for the signs of fire or smoke and what other people are doing before we take it seriously and leave the building. Knowing this, I make it my business to always take ANY alarm at face value. So being in a moment such as an animal escape at London Zoo, I wasn't taken any chances. Luckily for us all, the 'Gorilla escape' was a safety drill that London Zoo randomly carries out as a practise run for staff and volunteers. So in the very unlikely event, an animal did escape, all the staff and volunteers are very clear on the procedures and safety elements required to ensure the safety of humans and animals.

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