Is the sofa holding you hostage?

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What if I told you right now there was an amazingly comfortable sofa ready and waiting for you, with a freshly popped bowl of popcorn, an endless supply of [insert favourite food & drink], plus your favourite box set playing on the big screen? How would you feel? It's a fantastic place, and oh yeah, you can stay there for as long as you want. Sound great?

Well, it's not! Wake up and smell the stagnation. Meet your *comfort zone*!!! It lingers and manipulates you into believing that this is real life. Ok, I know I used that analogy but it applies to almost all things in life you're holding onto. For instance, doing a job you hate but don't hate it enough to quit. Being with a partner who doesn't treat you right, but you stay because who else is going to love you? Buying that pair of shoes with your bill money because you had to have them. Eating that doughnut and having a bad case of the SOM's (Start On Monday's) You can be stuck on this wash cycle for as long as you choose to allow it. The thing is one day you'll hear that voice of wisdom, a call to action if you will.  Thoughts and feelings of 'Is this all there is?' 'What am I doing with my life?' 'What should I do now?' 'How am I going to pay my bills?' 

The law of nature predicts that over time no matter how comfortable it once seemed, you will start getting sick of your popcorn, you will want to wash those fizzy drinks away with some fresh water, you will need to go to the toilet and you will get bored of watching the big screen. What used to feel so comfortable, no longer serves you. It has become a right pain in the you know what. Human behaviour dictates that change will only occur when staying the same becomes more painful than the pain it would take to change. Don't be fooled by comfort. If we're not growing, we're dying. That call to action - the thoughts & feelings that shout 'change' from the top of its lungs, is a force called growth. A way of informing you to expand, embrace uncertainty and start growing, start becoming a new version of yourself. To reach a little further, make the goal a little bigger, expand your circle of friends, change the job, ask for a pay rise, call someone you miss, put down the biscuit, dump the chump and/or sort out the debt.

Come on Courage Crusader. Don't decay waiting for time to force you into making the change. Stand tall and hear your calling. Get real and start living a full, happy and fulfilled life at this very moment. You don't half deserve it, so get going, make it happen and get out of your 'comfort zone'!!!


Lots and lots of love

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