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When finding your purpose it is important to remember that you don't need a reason to exist, you already do. And you're doing a mighty fine job of it - well done!! Now finding a purpose and making life meaningful whilst you are here is another matter, so here are the three questions to ask to help you out....

1) What would your perfect day look like?

Let's imagine you have all the money in the world. Yes, that literally means you can go anywhere, do anything, and be with anyone. Ah that's a great feeling, isn't it? What does your day look like? How does it feel to be you? What are you drinking, eating and experiencing? Write it down. Once you have completed that figure out how can you incorporate these desires into your life? For example, let's say you imagined yourself at the Italian Riviera, sipping Prosecco overlooking the lake with a tall dark and handsome fella. Well for starters you could schedule that glass of fizz, right now. Then you could buy a guide book on the Italian Riviera and look at the ways of getting there. You could start an Italian Riviera money jar with all your pound coins. Schedule your trip into the diary. Learn Italian with an app on your phone. Have a picture of your destination as a screen saver. Now, for the tall dark handsome man! He maybe someone you meet whilst you're in Italy, or at the bookstore getting the guide book or at the bar sipping your wine? You never know!

2) What can you do that fascinates others?

Think about all those compliments that you have been given in your life so far. As small as a comment on how kind you are, to how well you can solve a problem, how great a listener you are or even how beautifully you have wrapped their present. Have you noticed any common themes? Do you silently agree with people when they comment on your abilities? Can you find your purpose in these little traits that people seem to appreciate about you? Think outside the box and speak with a person who knows you well about your discoveries. The clues are in the things we do with effortlessness and passion.

3) How will you know when you get there?

What are your tell tale signs that you've found your purpose? This is something only you know and everyone's expectation of living their purpose is different. What will yours look like?  You have to know the destination before setting out on the journey. It could be that finding your purpose mean that you enjoy going into work every day, or have contentment for life or even the freedom to be yourself and be accepted in the world for what you bring. In knowing your destination, it's will be so much easier to start the journey.

Enjoy your discoveries,



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