Hello Courage Crusaders,

So the wait is over and spring is finally here! I thought it was fitting to have a spring related blog post for you. Here you go with my 7 Ways To Spring Into Life.

1) Keep hydrated with the water of life,

..........and before you get the wrong idea, I don't mean alcohol, but nice try! Whether you're commuting, having a lazy day or going for that 10k run, it's vitally important to get some 'council pop' (water) down you. Did you know that dehydration is one of the main contributors to over-eating? So maybe think about drinking a glass of water before every meal. It could help to reduce your daily calorie intake - marvelous!!! 

2) Change up your music

Asking friends for new artist/genre recommendations is a fantastic way to expand your music library. It could also be a great conversation starter when talking to the new guy at work or the girl you've been secretly wanting to ask on a date. Nothing like some new tunes to revive your energy and shake off the Monday blues.


3) Spice up your life

This is all about changing up your routine. Do you know anyone who likes groundhog day? (Haha, No. Not the film - although I see what you did there and Bill Murray is a dude!)  Ok, so this could be as simple as brushing your bottom teeth first rather than the top, or changing your route to work. How about putting the milk in your tea first and then the water? Or the other way around -blah! Even ordering a different meal rather than your usual chicken fingers. Have fun, be spontaneous and add some spice.

4) Have Gratitude

Gratitude is the perfect way to add the icing to the delicious cake made by Mother Nature. So take a slice! Go for a walk in the woods, take off your shoes and feel the earth beneath your feet. Take photographs of the wonders of spring- from baby animals to the budding of new flowers. You could even take your favourite person with you. Listen to the birdsong. Watch a sunrise. Have a picnic.

5) Do a spring clean

Nothing like a spring clean to dust away the cobwebs. Take it one little job at a time and start small. From sorting out the mail one day to re-organising your sock drawer the next.



6) Spring into action

My Mum always says, "Don't put off tomorrow, what you can do today". It's her way of telling me to stop procrastinating and to get the job done today. So spring into action! Call the friend/relative that has been on your mind for a while and youhaven't contacted. Finish the job that is constantly being pushed to the bottom of your 'Things to Do' list. No matter how boring! Send some love to the stilettos that have been chucked to the back of the wardrobe and need re-heeling. I can bet that finishing off all the little things will make you feel lighter, brighter and positively bursting with life.


7) Add some laughter, it's spring after all

The days of getting dark at 5pm are behind us and newly awakened from hibernation, we can step into the light. Did you know that smiling and laughter are scientifically proven to put us in a good mood? So why not go for it!  Put re-runs of your favourite t.v. comedy on, buy tickets to a comedy show, have a joke around the water cooler, seek out a funny cat video on YouTube, or simply, smile at the stranger who has held the door open for you.

And until next time, my dear Courage Crusader.....

Love, as always,

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