A 'guilt-free card' in a pear tree...

Have you ever neglected one part of your life, in favour of another? I have and this is what I did about it....

(In the voice of Chelsea Handler) Oh, hello,

....Yes, I know you have been asking, “Where have you been, Michelle?”, well, let's cut straight to the chase. I’ve been in the land of song, dragons and all things Welsh, (*cough Cardiff * cough) helping with family duties whilst my Sister gave birth to our beautiful little cherub, Noah. He’s spritely, beautiful and wrapped up in Christmas cheer already. I’ve also been a very busy house elf moving into my new place. I had to put my belongings into storage whilst it was being decorated, which rendered me homeless for ten days. So, it was back again to Cardiff, staying with my folks until the paint fumes had evaporated. I moved in last week, and finally getting my hands on some broadband action, I was ready to play. The thing is, whilst all of this was going on, I felt guilty for losing focus on business duties. Even amongst all the chaos of boxes, broadband blunders and a beautiful baby, I felt guilty. I've been really hard on myself for not being pro-active. You know the usual mind noise telling me I should have had more one on one sessions with clients. I should have posted more on social media and blog posts. I was 'should-ing' all over myself. My expectation of what I wanted to happen in my life and the reality of what had actually happened was completely different. The truth is, my home duties had taken the focus away from my business. It happens. It’s called balance and it is ok. More to the point it is necessary. So what have I done with my guilt and fear? As a coach, I understand these 'should' statements is a manifestation of fear and fear is a bully. The only way to stand up to a bully/fear is to take action.  Now things have settled and I’m in a place to focus on my business duties, I get to work.  I don’t wallow or 'cry over spilt milk', as my Nan says. I forgive myself, gain clarity, perspective and work efficiently.

The best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago, the second best time is now.
— Chinese Proverb

So, with all of the madness, you will have to juggle this Christmas time from pantos, Christmas gigs and/or last minute new years rehearsals. I'm giving you a 'get out of jail/guilt-free' card so that when Christmas day arrives (even if it’s for a few hours) you can enjoy the festivities with your family. Give yourself quality time to be with friends, turn off casting call pro and watch crappy 90’s movies on t.v. Wear that Christmas jumper with the flashing reindeer nose and give thanks for the love that surrounds you. Then, when it’s all over, get to work bitch! (Little Britney reference for y’all) 

The happiest of Christmases to you and a very prosperous (kick 2016 in the backside, and with a Beyonce hair flick, dance your way into 2017) new year!

Lots of love,