How To Deal With Criticism (with Patrick Steed)

In today's episode of The Performer Podcast, I've interviewed Patrick Steed all about...

Dealing with criticism | What casting agents are really looking for | Being at your best when it really counts| 

You can’t let one person’s opinion of your song, dictate how you feel or what it means for you as an individual.
— Patrick Steed

Patrick is a tour de force in the musical theatre arena, a composer, piano teacher, and a bona fide champion of excellence leading training, team building and development at engagement company, Inspire Me In Cardiff. Steed has branched out as an international speaker, a resident composer for the highly successful ‘Hello Cabaret’ - a monthly cabaret Show for musical theatre performers to showcase their talents. Patrick has written and composed two musical theatre productions - Stalking John Barrowman, gaining international notoriety debuting in Austin, Texas and Cardiff in 2013. Now, his newest piece of creativity is a dark, emotional piece called ‘Blink’. Backed by The Arts Council of England, the first workshop productions were a triumph, and now he is building on the success of Blink with a full production in 2018.

On a personal note, I have had the pleasure of watching Patrick’s successes stack up. Over the years, his composing abilities seem to age like a fine wine, much like his loveable personality. It was an absolute pleasure to interview him and I can’t wait for you to hear his wisdom, great tips for your mindset and how he finds the spark for his creativity. 

You need to give yourself the best opportunity you can to succeed….(I need to) give myself enough time to practise it, and rehearse it, and not put so much pressure on myself’
— Patrick Steed

The 'Show Notes'

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You will learn all about: 

-How to keep the creative spark whilst composing

-Audition hacks and how to deal with nerves.

-What casting panels are really looking for...

-How to deal with criticism -  from the friendly opinions to the damn right rudeness.

Links / People Mentioned

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Podcast Conversation Timeline

2:20 - Patrick tells us how he got started in his music career. 

3:20 - Patrick talks about his role as Champion of Excellence at Inspire Me

4:20 - Being a Choir Leader

5:43 - The Process of Songwriting and what works for Patrick

7:50 - The difference between getting paid to write songs and doing it for the love of creating

9:41 - Patrick geeks out with his songwriting knowledge - I love it! 

12:38 - Patricks musical heroes

13:44 - Dealing with nerves and pushing through to perform in front of your idols

16:43 - Patrick gets vulnerable - there’s wine involved! He tells us one of his worst performances 

20:30 - AND what he learnt from that performance 

22:14 - Failing and succeeding - the lessons 

23:15 - How to deal with failure and what it teaches you

26:09 - Passion to create and disconnecting in order to get things done

27:14 - How Patrick deals with criticism 

27:38 - The AMAZING Sieve Technique a la Patrick Steed - helping you to receive feedback and dealing with it.

30:50 - Silence is golden in analysing your feedback

34:20 - Patricks experience of casting his musicals - What is he looking for?

36:00 - How your reputation is vital in castings. 

40:35 - Patrick tells us the greatest lessons he has learnt - it’s brilliant! 

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