Being Fearless (with Kate Davies Speak)

Welcome to Episode 002 of THE PERFORMER PODCAST with Michelle Thole

I've interviewed Kate Davies-Speak for the podcast today all about...

Showreel Share Day | Being Type Cast | Being Fearless  

Kate is a British actress, born and raised in Bristol, England. She is often drawn to roles that offer interesting character arcs, gritty and emotional roles and parts that encourage her to keep her physically active, she is inspired by iconic action heroines such as Sarah Connor and Ellen Ripley and enjoys working out and practicing combat to use on screen. Kate a is a huge supporter of her industry peers and often sets up ways that she can utilize social media to find ways for actors, agents, filmmakers and casting professionals to work together.

If you'd like to get in touch with Kate, you can find her over on twitter via @KateDaviesSpeak and @showreelshare

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Here you go, 

Episode 002  with Kate Davies Speak 

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A massive thanks to Kate for being a great guest and let me know what you think about being typecast? 

What do you think: Is being typecast a blessing or a hindrance to your career?

Leave me a comment and let me know.

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